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Ancient Civilisation of Lemuria and the History of Interdimensional Conception


Lemuria: The civilisation of Lemuria is one of an ancient lost civilization which existed prior to the time of Atlantis. Which dates back over 12,500 years ago, the large continent is believed to be stretched over parts of the South Pacific region. One theory of why no traces of this civilization have been uncovered is that it was on a different dimension to where our current civilisation is today. Many feel they have a strong connection with this civilisation having past life incarnations, much information is available through peoples own experiences of recalling these memories through past life regression, memory recall and through channellings.

On Lemuria they were living on a higher dimensional existence of what we would consider the 5th Dimension. They were very intuitive and psychic, which allowed them foresight that they were coming to the end of Earth cycle this would see Earth move down into a 3rd dimensional existence. For a period of time, the inhabitants of Earth would experience a contrast of duality and separation, before moving back into higher dimensional of living. This would then give the opportunity for Earth and all people who lived during this time to Ascend into this higher way of living and returning to a 5th dimensional state.

Many of the Lemurians during this time, chose to move to different locations around the world. They would store their important and sacred knowledge. The path chosen for some would be that they would keep incarnating upon Earth through various lifetimes to participate in the preparation of seeding this wisdom and knowledge. Throughout our indigenous tribes still practicing the form of interdimensional conception, which would enable them to bring forth highly evolved souls into Earth to help teach and show the way for humanity to Ascend at the turn of the next Evolutionary Cycle.

We see this throughout history from Ancient Egyptians, many tribes throughout South, Central & North America, Aboriginals of Australia, the Essene Community, the high plateaus of Tibet and Northern Indian Region – they all brought forth leaders who led the way and formed many of our traditional religions which we see present today. The core of the message from each one is the same no matter what label you place upon it.

Earth has been through many cycles in the past which at the time brings about a pole shift and aligns with a consciousness shift of the entire planet. During the transitional phase of each cycle the world moves into a phase of chaos which collapses governing structures such as financial, social, political and Earth experiences great geographical changes of extreme weather patterns and the sinking of entire continents as we saw during the rise and fall of Atlantis.

As we have been seeing signs of this transition on Earth over the past few years and as we move further into turbulent times, it certainly poses for much more exciting changes upon us. They can be felt by sensitive souls who know deep within their hearts that they came forth during this time.

Lemuria knew and understood that this time would come and in essence have come back to incarnate – having within them soul essence and understanding of how to interdimensionaly conceive children of a higher frequency to help bring about a new way showers into our New Earth. This is something in which the soul knows and understands yet not necessarily a conscious awareness of the individuals performing this sacred act.

To understand this process better we need to look at the aspect of Twin Souls or more commonly known as Twin Flames. These are the essence of the same soul inhabiting two bodies the polarity of the divine masculine and divine feminie counter parts. At the beginning of creation were one and then chose to split apart to experience duality and separation, the main point is to have as many experiences as possible throughout all their incarnations with the objective of coming back together in the final Earth incarnation to go through the unification and ascension process together. Many of these Twin Souls had their very first Earth incarnation together on Lemuria where the higher frequencies of Earth gave the suitable environment to live together harmoniously. Many of these Twin Souls were trained and had the ability to interdimensionaly conceive a child of higher vibration for the purpose of their communities.

As we descended into lower frequencies on Earth since the time of Lemuria these twin souls have gone about all their incarnations separately. Either incarnating at the same time in different locations, with very little probability of crossing paths or alternating incarnations as one would live out a lifetime as the other guides them from the other side. At each point in a Major Earth cycle they could chose to come back together to bring forth a master through the process of interdimensional conception of a child and raise this child together. Or in what we have seen in some cases, the mother chose to have the incarnation without the physical presence of the father in that lifetime yet the process is still carried out in the same way, in what we would witness a divine or virgin birth. No doubt in these stories there is always a form of father care taker who has chosen to play the role of father, yet not necessarily the actual father as the child was conceived on a higher dimensional level by their twin soul on the other side. Regardless how the process takes place, the importance to the masculine father role in the physical is one of great importance for the love, nurture and upbringing of the child.

In the current day what we are witnessing more and more is Twin Souls incarnating into the planet at the same time to come together for the unification and Ascension process. Not only for themselves. This frequency is experienced as this pair reunite for the first time in a long time helps the earth Ascension process for the benefit of all.

As part of this process, some of these Twin Souls have agreed to come back and bring forth highly evolved souls into the planet through interdimensional conception the same way they did during their incarnation on Lemuria. Although while still in our semi awakened state in some case not consciously aware of this agreement until the process has already taken place.

As these Twin Souls have a very unique blend of energy which compliments and interacts as one, this process could take place of the conception of a child without physical contact as they are constantly interacting on higher dimensional levels. It would make perfect sense as these souls have already participated in this process before in other various incarnations, they are simply tapping into what their soul already knows how to do naturally.

In actual fact, it may be the only way the souls knows how to bring forward new life. This is very important for two reasons one being that during this time Earth is going through it’s own Ascension process into the 5th dimension. It is one of the pathways to Ascension for souls who chose this path. The other reason being is that birthing a soul through what we would consider normal terms in our 3 dimensional paradigm can karmically link both parents to Earth. As mentioned previously when Twin Souls come back for unification they are graduates and no longer need to incarnate back on Earth, therefore by interdimensionally conceiving and birthing a child in this way negates any Karmic ties with the child and with Earth.

This information comes via my own insight and personal experience, now exploring some text of what other have said about the topic.

According to the teachings of Thoth via the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life Volume 1 & 2.

“This was the first Mystery school in this cycle of earth where Ay and Tiya taught others resurrection or ascension through tantra which means union with God through Sexual practices. This inter-dimensional love making was taught to about 1000 people which created 333 families who were able to do this. If they remained teaching this process, they would have changed the whole race into a new form of consciousness. God then determined this was not the right time for this. The Lemurians were highly developed and were psychic and so, knew beforehand the sinking of their lands were going to take place. They moved their artifacts to places now known as Lake Titicaca and Mount Shasta, among other places.”

Interesting information on the origins of the people on Lemuria and also how they conceived and birthed children comes from a book called – “Coming Home to Lemuria” by Charmain Redwood

“As ancient Lemurians, we first came to Earth as fluid Beings of Light who could assume any body shape or form. Everything in our society was created from liquid light. We came from the source as Golden Light filtered through the Great Central Sun where we created form as Elohim or Lords or Light. The energy from the Great Central Sun was filtered again through the star systems. As highly evolved Beings of Light who had travelled beyond the Light, we were able to move though dimensions easily like we do now in our human form as we fly though the air airplanes/gliders/jets/rockets, hang gliders etc. We carried our consciousness to many different star systems including Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades, Alpha Centuri, Orion and also Venus, as we collected skills and knowledge from each system to use on Earth.”

“In the beginning the female and male energy and that of the child would all blend their essences together as light before they started to create the physical vehicle for the child to embody, ensuring that the combination was suitable. Throughout this a group of people toned into the entre point of the circle to support the unique combination of the individuals involved. In addition there were people who would monitor the process to determine if the parents and children were going to be in vibrational harmony. The monitors saw the colours in the energy field of all three entities and observed what happened when they came together. If their frequencies didn’t match energetically they didn’t go through with the birth. If the frequencies matched, the child was created in unity consciousness with the parents coming together as one. To create the child male and female entities would come together and join energies at the crown, heart and sacral chakras. They would use sound to tone the child into being. The couple would join hands to create an energy flow between their hearts. They would focus the Love energy through conscious awareness to create the child. They used the breath to build the energy, breathing love into each other and creating the child between them. The parents connected all their chakras, merging their light bodies. The two matrices of the male and female moved in and through one another and from that merging, a totally new geometry was formed.”

As we are now in the in-between phase of moving from the 3rd dimensional state into the 5th many women are starting to experience becoming pregnant interdimensionally and having the abilities to bring forth higher frequency children. The gestation period may be longer than our 3rd dimensional paradigm 40 weeks, as it takes longer to bring forth these souls into physical form. They require the perfect energetic environment to come forth into this world. Their birth into existence helps with the evolutionary shift with the planet moving into higher dimension.



Playing a part in the Ascension process

As we steadily move forward on the path of Ascension and closer toward the Golden Age, there is simply no doubt that all these beautiful beings of light which are coming through are assisting our beloved Gaia and all the being around them heal and evolve and playing their own part in the ascension process.

I couldn’t possibly have any idea of just how many women are going through this transformational process of an Evolution Pregnancy however an image that I keep seeing that there are many in the thousands perhaps even more.

All strategically places around the world which is helping bring much more light into earth from the cosmos, through this process it is pushing everyone around them on all sorts of levels to grow, expand and evolve.

Let’s start off by looking at what is happening with the carrier – the mother who is allowing her body as a vessel to carry huge amounts of energy in form of beautiful light beings.

These children have been assigned to us before we incarnated into our Earthly life, their souls are around us close within our Energy Fields (Aura) for many years – in some cases can enter into the womb for short periods of time, helping align and adjust our energy bodies to their frequency as it is much higher than our own it’s a process which cannot be rushed and needs a great deal of alignment.
Throughout this time it’s not uncommon for the mother to have vivid dreams of them from time to time, this spiritual process can also happen in awaken state through universal signs and synchronicities and they can present during spiritual practice or meditation practice.

Once the right time has presented for them to fully incorporate into the mother’s womb the process of light conception takes place, this can differ from one woman to another. These conceptions are not as we are accustom to know in a physical sense.

This process is without physical contact of the male and female reproductive systems, it happens on a higher dimensional level. Where the two beings allow their energy centres (Chakras) to align with one another and become fully merged into one. This is also similar to Tantric practice which have been taught and practiced throughout history. The word Tantra means “to expand consciousness through merging sexuality and spirituality.”

In the words of Thoth who was conceived through interdimensional conception and as a result became immortal and lived on Earth for thousands of years – “You may find that having a baby can be a doorway into immortality. If you really do love someone and that person really loves you—if the love between you is true love—then you may have another option available, in terms of ascension through sacred marriage and interdimensional conception. Through your union you re-create the living holy trinity on Earth.” Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 2 – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Many other ancient text and scriptures speak about creating life this way and as it is the path to Ascension for many on Earth right now who have chosen that path. As they know and understand form a Soul level what is possible and this is their way of assisting humanity through this Ascension process.

In this process of aligning our energies with another divine counterpart (Twin Flame) who embodies the same frequency as one another – this allows them to bring forth a higher dimensional being/s to incarnate on Earth. This has happened throughout the ages from Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and other spiritual leaders throughout history. Simply by being able to come forth through this process allows them to retain their spiritual knowledge and awareness of their own divinity and abilities, which assist humanity to remember they too have all the spiritual knowledge and can equally tap into their own divinity and abilities. What we are seeing now a massive influx of souls incarnating on Earth at this time who come forth fully awake and understand who they are and why they are here.

The population on Earth is at its peak we have more souls here now than ever before whether we remember it or not we have all come here during this time to experience this mass awaking in consciousness and bring for the golden age.

This process is also being assisted and guided through our spirit guides and star families who are on the other side of the veil – helping navigate this process and helping us wake up and remember why we are here, and what we already volunteered to do.

This process of Evolutionary Pregnancy allows us to transcend Earthly Fear and transmutes all negative ancestral DNA though our cellular bodies and allows us to awaken further to our divine nature and get on our path with our mission to assist our new generation – who are here to be the new world leaders.

Most women are pushed to grown and evolve far beyond anything they thought possible, it’s awakening us to defy the normal human laws of what we have once known and see ourselves in our true multidimensional state. Showing us that we have all done this divine act of creation many times before not just here on Earth but on other planets too.

This is tapping into the older more ancient ways of bring in life, yet this time around going though massive physical and earthly challenges of transmuting dense collective energy at this time of the planetary shift. Being part of a divine plan in a team of many women who are here on Earth who are not just carrying these higher beings in their womb but also assisting anchoring higher frequencies of light into the planet helping Gaia (Mother Earth) shift into a higher dimension and holding it in place.

Once the work has been done and the higher frequencies are held into place it will enable a lighter environment for the beautiful beings of to come forth into this world.

This process of bringing a higher dimensional being/s birthing the child is not something which can be measure in Earthly timeframe, as we have known it in the past. As we move forward more and more into a timeless state of being.

It’s completely about aligning frequencies not only for the child/en but preparing the mother/father/family and their living environment.

It’s a humbling experience and a massive process of letting go of everything which is out of alignment with the child and the new world in which we are co-creating together. It’s an emotional and mental rollercoaster from experiencing pure bliss and unconditional love at the point of conception right through to the darkest ‘dark night of the soul’ and every emotion in-between.

I have always know in my heart that there is so much joy and blissful times ahead and how important this role is for assisting humanity take one gigantic leap forward.


What is happening in the world?

As we pass through in the early stages of 2017, I am sure you will agree with me that things are different and forever changing and that would be correct. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on what has changes you can sense, notice and observe externally through all the madness and chaos, and internally as you would feel something changing within you.

For thousands of years Earth has been preparing for this monumental shift it has been spoken about through all major religions for centuries. Perhaps the best knowledge keepers of this wisdom are our Indigenous Cultures and Tribes and they are the wisdom keepers of our beloved world.

There are many words, names and labels for what is occurring however it all comes down to the same thing.  Some include but not limited to Ascension, 5D or 5th Dimension, The Shift,Pole Shift,  Human Consciousness or the dawn of a New Era the Golden Age.

In actual fact what this means is that Earth or Mother Gaia as I like to call her is a living breathing organism just as we have a pulse so does she. Earth’s pulse is rapidly changing as recently this was scientifically measure -see more information in related article  Humans Waking Up

As I have learnt to understand that this process is taking approximately 2 years to complete from the end of 2015 through to nearing completing end the end of 2107. This is massively exciting times as it will bring the dawning of a new era. What does mean exactly? Along with an shift in Human Consciousness as we will have a deeper understanding of some of the bigger questions, who are we? where did we come from? what is the purpose of life? what is our individual purpose?

Which will in-turn lead to massive changes with our Political, Social, Economical, Educational structures – we are here to help bring forth the change, deep-seated within our Soul memory we know that this is why we came here

A unique perspective, with all the changes and transformation which is going on in the world today, no matter which way it is viewed. It seems very evident that this beautiful world in which we live is no longer the same as it was, as everything in this universe always transforms, evolution is inevitable. Many people may be fixated on the chaos and destruction which is taking place, yet what I prefer to focus on is something much positive which is coming through, which is not YET widely spoken about or acknowledged.

Many great Philosophers and Prophets of our past have talked about the changes which we would witness and some of them have spoken about the changing human or new humans evolving. As an example Edgar Cayce – who was known as the sleeping prophet in the early 1900’s described these new Humans as the 5th Root Race. Many metaphysical communities have numerous names for these new children coming through from Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.

As we pass through these years of great change and move forward into the “Golden Age” there are children coming through into the world who are assisting this process of changing this world as we know it, as everything is changing nothing is left undone, so it seems as though that child conception, pregnancy, gestation period and child birth is no way excluded from this process.

It has led me to research and explore every aspect It seems something very new and different to what we have previously understood is happening to many woman around the world:

I believe that one of the best ways to understand where we are moving forward to in the future is to better understand our past. Many old and ancient practices and pregnancies stories which were once perceived as myths seem to be presenting more and more as we move forward on this evolutionary path.

Women and possibly men who are experiencing ‘unusual’ pregnancies. To help shed more light on what is really happening and view it from a higher much larger perspective.

Areas I will be exploring and not limited to are:

Parthenogenesis/Divine Births/Immaculate Conception/Virgin Births/Light Conceptions
Cryptic Pregnancies
Venus Birth
Hybrid Children – ETI contact during Pregnancies
Indigenous cultures and their connection to the Stars
Lemuria & Atlantis
Interdimensional conceptions

No one pregnancy is alike, yet they seem to have interwoven similarities, I have been exploring so many different perspectives and seeing how it is all connected.

My greatest wish is to provide information share articles and knowledge to have a better understanding of what is happening around the planet as we move forward in our evolution of Birthing A NEW WORLD.