From a very young age I have always has a open-minded perspective on how the world operates – even as a child I was fascinated with the stars and anything considered supernatural.

I have dedicated most of my life learning, understanding everything I could about Ancient Civilizations, Stars, Spirit World, Energy, Healing, Sacred Sites, Earth Healing.

Over the past 10 years I have been a spiritual quest travelling to sacred sites around the globe with the the purpose of self healing and self discovery and connecting to past life memories which has taken me to Tibet, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Israel and many other amazing places. I have been involved in practicing Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Past Life Regression and teaching Meditation and Spiritual Development.

A contactee of interdimensional beings and star beings.

Have spent the last year researching about the history of Earth in particular divine birth and interdimensional conception, in understanding how it correlates to what is happening in present day. This has taken me down the rabbit hole of researching all the different types of unusual and unique pregnancies to help better understand my own journey and how this is rapidly changing and transforming many women on the planet as we move through this exciting time of Planetary Ascension. More information about my research and experience can be found here on my Blog page