Earth’s New Children & Changing DNA

It becomes more and more apparent that we aren’t alone in the universe and we are not only the only species here inhabiting planet Earth. Initially Earth was seeded by many of our beloved Star Nations with comprise of Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius and a few others.

We are genetically matched from the stars eons ago, part of their DNA is aligned with our, many people feel a very strong affiliation with other beings form these planets as they have had previous incarnations from there learning important skills and knowledge to bring to Earth especially now during these transition times.

As we move further into anchoring these higher frequencies into Earth it becomes more apparent that our “Star Family Allies” are assisting with this process of upgrading not only our own DNA so that become more fully conscious of our true divine nature, yet they are assisting with the process of bringing in higher evolved souls into Earth.

Regardless of how these children are conceived through egg and sperm or interdimensional conceived, they are being carefully monitored through the gestational process of being genetically updated while still in the utero.

Many contactees over decades have come forth with their experiences of being taken on to crafts or visited at nights and monitored through the process of their pregnancy.

Some women maybe consciously aware of this process and other may be completely unaware of what is taken places, as memories of these experiences can be over ridden by filter memories and may awake form strange dreams finding small marks, scars or incisions on their bodies predominately around their stomachs and lower abdomen.

Of course for some this provokes and stirs up much fear because of all the negative information shown through the media and movies. When you get down to the core of it we are all carry within us parts of DNA which is starting to become unlock within us these stands are the connection to our higher dimensional selves. Our children are the product of these higher aspects coming forth into physical form.

As these babies are born they don’t necessarily look any different as some people may assume, yet their abilities are, they are able to have abilities such as telekinesis, telepathic, healing abilities, artistic skills, advanced knowledge of physics, mathematics or high spiritual awareness, knowledge of previous incarnations on Earth and other Planets. They are given such names as ‘star children’ crystal, rainbow and diamond children. Regardless of any names or labels it quite apparent that the children who have been born other the past 10 years or more come more fully equipped, aware and alert from the moment they are birthed into this world.

It’s important to give these children the upbringing and environment which will nurture their sensitive natures and harness these which they have come forth with. Which poses the question of mainstream education systems and are they slightly outdates for what is to come over the next few years. Of course it’s important for all children to have the basic foundations of education, yet do we have a need for revaluating these models as in a reversal roles who will be teaching who?

These children are the future leaders of the next generation and will have the potential to teach us many things in which we have forgotten – as I feel a great importance to listen and learn from them and not disregard what they tell us and not ride it off as a vivid imagination. And in our best abilities to nurture their skills and abilities so that they do not forget as our past generations have.



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