What is happening in the world?

As we pass through in the early stages of 2017, I am sure you will agree with me that things are different and forever changing and that would be correct. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on what has changes you can sense, notice and observe externally through all the madness and chaos, and internally as you would feel something changing within you.

For thousands of years Earth has been preparing for this monumental shift it has been spoken about through all major religions for centuries. Perhaps the best knowledge keepers of this wisdom are our Indigenous Cultures and Tribes and they are the wisdom keepers of our beloved world.

There are many words, names and labels for what is occurring however it all comes down to the same thing.  Some include but not limited to Ascension, 5D or 5th Dimension, The Shift,Pole Shift,  Human Consciousness or the dawn of a New Era the Golden Age.

In actual fact what this means is that Earth or Mother Gaia as I like to call her is a living breathing organism just as we have a pulse so does she. Earth’s pulse is rapidly changing as recently this was scientifically measure -see more information in related article  Humans Waking Up

As I have learnt to understand that this process is taking approximately 2 years to complete from the end of 2015 through to nearing completing end the end of 2107. This is massively exciting times as it will bring the dawning of a new era. What does mean exactly? Along with an shift in Human Consciousness as we will have a deeper understanding of some of the bigger questions, who are we? where did we come from? what is the purpose of life? what is our individual purpose?

Which will in-turn lead to massive changes with our Political, Social, Economical, Educational structures – we are here to help bring forth the change, deep-seated within our Soul memory we know that this is why we came here


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