A unique perspective, with all the changes and transformation which is going on in the world today, no matter which way it is viewed. It seems very evident that this beautiful world in which we live is no longer the same as it was, as everything in this universe always transforms, evolution is inevitable. Many people may be fixated on the chaos and destruction which is taking place, yet what I prefer to focus on is something much positive which is coming through, which is not YET widely spoken about or acknowledged.

Many great Philosophers and Prophets of our past have talked about the changes which we would witness and some of them have spoken about the changing human or new humans evolving. As an example Edgar Cayce – who was known as the sleeping prophet in the early 1900’s described these new Humans as the 5th Root Race. Many metaphysical communities have numerous names for these new children coming through from Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.

As we pass through these years of great change and move forward into the “Golden Age” there are children coming through into the world who are assisting this process of changing this world as we know it, as everything is changing nothing is left undone, so it seems as though that child conception, pregnancy, gestation period and child birth is no way excluded from this process.

It has led me to research and explore every aspect It seems something very new and different to what we have previously understood is happening to many woman around the world:

I believe that one of the best ways to understand where we are moving forward to in the future is to better understand our past. Many old and ancient practices and pregnancies stories which were once perceived as myths seem to be presenting more and more as we move forward on this evolutionary path.

Women and possibly men who are experiencing ‘unusual’ pregnancies. To help shed more light on what is really happening and view it from a higher much larger perspective.

Areas I will be exploring and not limited to are:

Parthenogenesis/Divine Births/Immaculate Conception/Virgin Births/Light Conceptions
Cryptic Pregnancies
Venus Birth
Hybrid Children – ETI contact during Pregnancies
Indigenous cultures and their connection to the Stars
Lemuria & Atlantis
Interdimensional conceptions

No one pregnancy is alike, yet they seem to have interwoven similarities, I have been exploring so many different perspectives and seeing how it is all connected.

My greatest wish is to provide information share articles and knowledge to have a better understanding of what is happening around the planet as we move forward in our evolution of Birthing A NEW WORLD.


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