Welcome to Birthing a new world! As our beloved mother Gaia is changing and evolving so are the beings who live upon her as we move into the “Golden Age” there are children coming through into the world who are assisting this process.

This site is dedicated to understand our past to have more clarity moving forward and a celebration to all the beautiful souls who are arriving with a higher energy to help us move into the transition of a new World.

See the Blog page to further explore insights into ‘different’ and ‘new’ or ‘very ancient’ ways which are now surfacing in the world how women are conceiving and bringing these high vibration children into this world exploring Divine Birth, Immaculate Conception, Interdimensional Conception, Parthenogenesis, Cryptic Pregnancies
Venus Birth, Hybrid Children – ETI contact during Pregnancies
Indigenous cultures and Star connection & Lemuria

Starseeds & Earth Volunteers bringing through life in different ways

Ancient Civilisation of Lemuria and the History of Interdimensional Conception

Earth’s New Children & Changing DNA

The ANCIENT practices becoming the ‘new ways’ of bringing Children into the NEW WORLD

Playing a part in the Ascension process